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The subtitle of this book sums up the theme of this publication: ďFor Crafters Who Want to Make More Money with Their Handmade Items.Ē This is not your typical craft book. Instead, it a closer look at that world of crafts, specifically why some crafts sell better than others.  
The authorís intention is to look at crafts from a money-making proposition. Possibly every reader of this popular book entered the world of crafting as a purely fun thing to do. From there they went on to arts and crafts at school and camp. Crafts to Make and Sell helps the adult (or teen) crafter look at this enjoyable activity as a business. Crafts to Make and Sell  
A unique benefit of this book is that it addresses all types of crafts, not just woodworking, sewing, painting, ceramics, or any particular crafting niche. Craft mediums and styles are examined and compared to those that are on the market already.  
Whatís more, crafts are matched with the crafterís location. This book points out the different types of buyers within the scope of the crafterís market. The author discusses ways of expanding your market far beyond the readerís locale while still meeting the needs of buyers in remote areas of the country - and even the world.  
Another purpose of this book is to stimulate the readerís imagination. Examples of crafts are given with a myriad of variations. The reader is to follow suit with his or her own craft project, exploring the variations and imagining whether a similar tweak to their own creations would make that craft item more marketable.


The book is written from the point of view of a teacher to a student. It is very readable and easy to follow. Logical steps lead the reader to develop a creation that suits both the crafter and his customers. Itís likely that the reader will never look at craft items again with the same eye. Crafts to Make and Sell takes the crafter far beyond the ďcuteĒ feature to examining each craft and craft medium with the view toward its marketability.  
Itís clear that the author has experience in selling crafts, possibly from years of trial and error. At any rate, the explanation proves that a crafter or craftsman can make good money in the crafting field.  
If there is a drawback to this book, it is that crafters are not always readers. They like working with their hands, building, painting, shaping. But the time it takes to read and explore this bookís information is time well spent if in the end the crafter understands why some crafts sell while others donít. This knowledge will save the crafter time and money making a craft item that this book would point out will not sell.  
The author does not tell the crafter what to make, although itís okay to make the creations described in the book. Crafts to Make and Sell is a very encouraging and uplifting read. The intention is to lead the crafter to love their craft, not just because itís enjoyable to make but because so many more people will want to buy it. As the author points out, ďItís fun to make crafts and itís also fun to make money.Ē


Crafts To Make And Sell

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